Wool grease is a natural by-product of the scouring processes at our manufacturing facilities. Throughout its life, the sheep naturally give out a fat which soaks into its fleece and stays there until it is washed. Depending on the type of breed and the conditions which it is brought up, the secreted fat which soaks into the fleece has a different composition. Broadly, lanolin and its derivatives are used as key ingredients in some of the world’s most popular brands of pharmaceuticals (for topical applications), personal care/cosmetics and toiletries. Without lanolin, these products will not have the required qualities of emollient, moisturizer, water-in-oil emulsifier or co-emulsifier, plasticizer, dispersing agent and super fatting agent – all rolled into one. Wool Grease is also used to produce Cholesterol for prawn/ fish feed and the manufacture of Vitamin D3. Our Wool Grease are separated into that suitable for lanolin production and that for cholesterol production.